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Why You Should Use a Luggage Strap

Easy Identification

If you own a popular model of suitcase, or just have one that you don’t want to stand out or attract unwanted attention, then a luggage strap will help you locate yours when you’re surrounded by luggage in an airport hall. A colored strap strap doesn’t have to be bright or loud, just visible and recognizable to you. Just a glance and you can be sure your luggage is still with you and close at hand. You’ll be able to spot it coming on the baggage carousel.

If the worst happens and you have to give a description of your lost luggage, the luggage strap will be a strong identifying feature. A cross strap design such as the BlueCosto range of straps stands out better from all angles.

Secure Your Luggage

Consider getting a luggage strap with its own locking features. This provides extra reassurance and a visible deterrent to thieves, that you’ve invested in some custom security equipment that’s going to be more resistant than the average padlock. TSA straps are widely available to allow airport security personnel to inspect your luggage.

The strap can also secure and conceal any outside pockets, edges and protruding features that may cause damage or access to your luggage.

Prevent Accidental Opening

Sometimes overloading, hurried packing and repacking and impact (or a combination of all of these) are too much for a suitcase zipper to take, and you’ll need an emergency means of keeping your luggage secure enough to retain the contents. A luggage strap can be a lifeline in those circumstances, and once again multiple straps or a connected cross-strap design are that bit stronger.

Attach Multiple Pieces Of Luggage Together

For your own convenience it’s easier to collect one item than two or three, and if they’re not too bulky you can transfer them between cart and pick-up and drop-off points and vehicles in less time. A good, tight luggage strap or two will allow you to arrange your bags creatively and conveniently to save time and energy during the transit procedure.

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